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How many of you dreamt about having a luxurious and cozy bathroom? But not all persons need that luxurious bathroom. All you needed is a comfortable bathroom which can fit your daily needs. We help you to design your luxury bathroom, budget bathroom or renovate it according to your needs.


Bathrooms can be created to suit your daily need from a complete renovation to replacing a vanity or just plain storage from (A grade) materials and hardware.


Professional tilers, plumbers and waterproofers all available to complete the renovation with the minimal inconvenience to you. Most bathrooms are small areas therefore they require an experts' opinion on how to utilise that space to suit your family's needs.


• Bathroom Design, Renovation, Installation, Improvements & Repair

• Add storage to your existing bathroom

• Expert Advice

• Latest styles, trends and designs

• Bathroom Solutions to Suit Your Budget

• Provide drawings and detailed manufacturing plans for your approval


If you are looking for a bathroom renovating  company, Impressive Kitchens and Bathrooms is the customer's choice.  We are the experts when it comes to bathroom projects. Our designer and renovation professionals have decades of experience in handling kitchen and bathroom projects. We have builders and designers at hand to advise of removing or adding walls to achieve the space required.